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Pulling the race card.

My mom works nights at Jewel, 7-12 usually. She’s always the only cashier for the last few hours of the day. This ignorant bitch came to the store, tried using her wick card, and my mom just stated that she couldn’t use it, because the wick office didn’t sign the back. The bitch THEN goes on to cuss out my mom, and pulled the race card saying “She’s only doing this cause she’s black”. Are you fucking kidding me? My mom is the nicest, non racist lady, and you’re gonna say that because she’s doing her job that she’s racist?? And what makes the least sense is that as the bitch is walking out, she called my mom a “Double fucking white trash bitch”. REALLY?! Say my mom’s a racist when she said not a damn thing about your race or color, then call my mom out on some white hate shit?? HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU GET??? 

I never hit a women, but this cunt would’ve been laid out if I was there.